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Rock Plaza Central - Gutterdance

Chris Eaton - banjo, vox

​Andrew Innanen - drums

Scott Maynard - bass

Don Murray - mandolin

Fiona Stewart - violin

Black Harvest - improv

Live at Holy Oak

Brian Cram - trumpet

​James Duncan - trumpet

Blake Howard - drums​​

Scott Maynard - piano

Jeremy Strachan - saxophone

The Quiet Revolution - Death by Low Grade Plastic and Four Star Paranoid

Live at the Tranzac

James van Bolhuis - drums

Michael Boyd - guitar

Scott Maynard - bass, vox

The Quiet Revolution - Golden Dawn

Live at the Tranzac

Scott Maynard - banjo, vox​

Ronley Teper's Lipliners - Music video for Faith


Scott Maynard - Over Me, Over Me, Oak

Leaves (excerpt)

Live at Koerner Hall, Nuit Blanche 2012

Scott Maynard - voice

Gregory Prest - piano

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