"A one-man Broken Social Scene" - Exclaim



Kevin Scott Maynard is a versatile and accomplished musician with a wide range of influences and experience​.


He has an extensive background in choral music, and is a seasoned vocal performer and choral director. 

He has composed music for all kinds of situations, from film scores to weddings, for indie bands, for baroque orchestra, and for choirs. 

He plays several instruments, and is both a fluent sight-

reader and a creative improviser.

He has toured extensively through Europe and North America, and has contributed, both as a performer and producer, to dozens of recordings.

He is an experienced, patient, and intuitive teacher.

He very much enjoys a continued relationship with the broader arts community, and collaborates with dancers, actors, and other artists on a regular basis.

He loves to help others realise their musical vision, through singing, arranging, recording/producing, and live performance.